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Betsy is Charlie Harper's ex-girlfriend who appears in Season 7 and "marries" him, though it wasn't legal.


Betsy is a stripper and part-time masseuse who often goes on drunken escapades, hiding her wedding ring inside her diaphragm case, and sometimes ends up marrying strangers despite being already married to another man. She was going through menstruation cycle when she met Charlie in "Tinkle Like a Princess"

She first meets Charlie at a church while he is praying to God to help him out of his misery he is suffering from since he and Chelsea broke up. He thinks she is God's answer to his prayers after she asks him for a lighter. The two talk and he goes to help her clean her locker at the strip club she works.

They later go on a three-day drunken escapade in Las Vegas. Charlie initially likes the fact that she is everything his former fiancée Chelsea wasn't, including not disliking him for his ways. They marry in Las Vegas and he takes her to his home, but Alan tries to convince him to dump her.

He however dumps her after he realizes he made a mistake and goes to win back Chelsea. When he returns home, he finds out from her real husband that she's already married and often gets involved in such drunken escapades which he tolerates because she's hot and he doesn't have a bright chance with women. Charlie's "marriage" with her thus was never legal.

"Untainted by Filth"

Katy Mixon plays a character in this episode by the same name. They maybe the same one but neither Alan nor Charlie seem to recognize the Betsy in Tinkle Like a Princess. This maybe because they had forgotten most of their drunken escapade during this episode including who she was.

Betsy meets them both at Pavlov's where he avoids flirting with her due to being engaged and soon to be married. Alan however states that he is single and buys drinks for all three of them from Charlie's money. However, she starts getting bored by his stories and he convinces Charlie to help him out.

The Harper brothers lie he is a rich world-travelling chiropractor who helps poor little children and she is impressed. The three get very drunk and later have a wild threeway sexual romp together at an apartment. After Alan and Charlie wake up, they flee from the still-sleeping Betsy back to Charlie's house. Charlie however feels guilty, but Evelyn convinces him not to tell Chelsea about it.


  • Betsy is portrayed by the American actress Katy Mixon.