Oh hi, Dad.
Celeste to Jerome

Celeste Burnett is a minor recurring character from Season 6 and 7 of Two and a Half Men. She was the former girlfriend of Jake Harper and the daughter of Jerome and Keisha Burnett. She is portrayed by Tinashe Kachingwe in the series.

Season 6Edit

She made her first appearance in "The Mooch At The Boo", when she moved in with her father near Charlie’s Malibu Beach house. Jake developed an instant crush on her. After Charlie took him over to her house, they went out for a walk, and developed a liking for each other, hence coming in a relationship.

Season 7Edit

Celeste later made a cameo in "Whipped Unto The Third Generation", where she appeared to be controlling Jake behavior and choices. Jake gave Alan and Charlie instructions as to what Celeste would prefer for dinner, and what they require to do to make her happy.

Celeste made her final appearance in "Warning, It's Dirty", where she was away with her mother for Christmas. Though Jake didn’t intend it, he went out for some time with a visitor at Malibu under the influence of Charlie, who claimed that it is alright to see other women when one’s significant other is not around. Celeste made a surprise visit at Charlie’s house with her mother to give Jake his Christmas present, only to find him cheating on her, and caught Jake cheating on her. She broke up with him, and didn’t appear again.

In "Fart Jokes, Pie & Celeste", Jake tries apologizing to her, but it fails. Charlie then has a heart-to-heart talk with Jake, and tells him that the pain will go over time.


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