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Don't dude him dude.
Eldridge to Jake

Eldridge McElroy, is the son of Lyndsey McElroy and Chris McElroy, grandson of Jean McElroy and Jake's best friend in Season 8 and Season 9.


Eldridge is a teenage boy who is best friends with Jake. The two appear to be equally intelligent and practice their instruments together (Eldridge plays drums, Jake plays guitar). Alan thought Eldridge was a bad influence on Jake for convincing him to steal beer from Charlie, get drunk, and sneak out when grounded, but lets it slide when he dates Eldridge's divorced mother Lyndsey. The kids don't learn about the relationship until much later. Eldridge and Jake were both against the relationship, especially upon the decision to move in together. Charlie bribes them with $500 so as to get Alan out of the house. After the house is burnt down, Eldridge, his mom, Alan, and Jake, all move in with Charlie. Eldridge and Lyndsey move out when Chris McElroy, Eldridge's dad, reunites with his mom. A few episodes later, he went over to Charlie's to see Courtney try on dresses with Jake. Eldridge also smokes weed. Eldridge has made appearances in eight episodes in Season 9.

He likes to smoke pot, a lot.

Eldridge isn't seen, but mentioned a couple of times by Jake and his mother in Season TenLyndsey once said he can only do math if calculating the cost of a bag of marijuana.