Francis Charles "Frank" Harper was the father of Charles Francis "Charlie" Harper and Alan Jerome Harper, the husband of Evelyn Nora Harper and the grandfather of Jacob David "Jake" Harper. It is known that Evelyn emasculated him all the time. He died of food poisoning after he ate a fish that was in the kitchen drawer for two months. Charlie claimed that he knew that it was there and still ate it, implying that he committed suicide, rather than stay married. This fact is further claimed by Charlie when he reveals his reason of his hatred for Evelyn by pointing out that she drove his father to the early grave.


  • He possibly has a daughter named Gloria with another woman named Dorothy, as he and Evelyn would sometimes switch partners with Dorothy and her husband.
  • It was speculated that Frank would appear in an episode perhaps in flashbacks and he would be played by Charlie Sheen but this was denied and is now unlikely due to Charlie Sheen being fired.
  • His name Francis Charles Harper is the backward version of his son's (Charlie's) name, Charles Francis Harper.
  • It is revealed by Alan that Frank was cremated when Evelyn mentioned "I want to be buried by your father" only for Alan to correct her and Evelyn to reply "Oh, right, I'm thinking about someone else".  

Family History Edit

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