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I'm sorry, buddy. I overreacted.
Chill to Charlie

Chill Whoadie, also called Mad Dog, is a minor recurring character from Season 6 of Two and a Half Men. He was a former NFL champion. He is Charlie’s (now presumably Walden's) neighbor and the father of Celeste, Jake’s ex-girlfriend. He is portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan in the series.


Chill first appears in "The Mooch At The Boo", when Jake falls for his daughter, Celeste, as soon as they move into the Malibu Beach House neighborhood. Shy and not wanting to sound too desperate, Jake refuses to introduce himself to them until Charlie forces him to go and goes with him. There, they first meet Chill, and both Jake and Charlie are intimidated by him, while Celeste takes an instant liking toward Jake. During their first date, involving a walk at the beach, they return late, and being an over-protective father, Chill visits Charlie, asking him to call Jake and find out where they were. Since Jake leaves his phone at home, Charlie is left hearing Jerome’s troubles and advises him not to be an over-protective father to Celeste, or she will resent him.

Chill’s second appearance is in "The Two Finger Rule", where he joins Charlie, Alan, Herb and later Gordon for a drink while Jake and Celeste go out for a date. He is fascinated by the fact that Alan and Herb are friends despite the fact that Alan is the ex-husband of Herb's wife, and ends up singing a cappella song with Alan, Herb and Gordon.


  • Chill likes appletinis, which he can get away with.
  • Jerome's Cock was called Mr Chode, after Richard Roundtree, who played Shaft.
  • Jerome was forced to retire after injuring his knee.
  • His wife divorced him, leaving him for a placekicker, who Jerome describes as "A little tiny dude from Serbia. Not a single vowel in his entire name!"
  • Due to Celeste breaking-up with Jake in Warning, It's Dirty, and the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, Jerome will never appear again.