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Dr. Linda Freeman, played by Jane Lynch, acted as Jake's therapist in Season 1, but in later seasons she would become Alan and Charlie's (now Alan and Walden's) therapist.


Linda Freeman's personal life is unknown. She is very tall. Only time she is seen on the show is in therapy sessions with Alan, Charlie, or Jake. She first appeared in the episode, "Hey, I Can Pee Outside in the Dark", as a child therapist Judith hired for Jake, so he could deal with the divorce. She ends up providing therapy for Alan and Charlie in that same episode, allowing Alan to release pent up anger on Charlie with a foam baseball bat. Though she was sweet towards Jake, most likely because he was a little kid, she was often very sarcastic towards Charlie and Alan. Charlie and Alan visit Dr. Freeman only if one of them is having a serious problem. Such situations include: when Charlie was constipated over his decision between Mia or Chelsea, or when Alan was suffering from insomnia due to his jealousy of Charlie's success.

Charlie revealed once in the episode, "That Special Tug", that he wasn't really looking for help from Dr. Freeman, but just laying groundwork for an insanity defense in case he killed his brother. Dr. Freeman is also well known for overcharging people, such as when she charged Charlie two hundred dollars for using only five minutes of the session, or when she let Alan sleep through forty minutes of their session. She was also the therapist for Chelsea and Charlie's couples counseling, to which she mentioned Charlie's fear of commitment is geared towards his anger of his mother, and his fear of latent homosexuality. Charlie told Alan in "Tinkle Like a Princess that he had no intention of visiting his therapist again, claiming she is just another woman who wants to change him.

Dr. Freeman was not present at Charlie's funeral. But, starting with "The Squat and the Hover", she is Walden's therapist.



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  • When Freeman was a therapist for Jake in Season 1, she worked at a child therapy office. However, when she became Charlie and Alan's therapist in later seasons, she appeared to work at a professional office.
  • In the Ashton Kutcher-version of Two and a Half Men episode "The Squat and the Hover", she becomes Walden's therapist and it is revealed she is a lesbian (as is Jane Lynch, who portrays her).