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Louis Schmidt is Walden and Alan's adopted child. He appears in Season 12. He is 6 years old.


Louis is a cute, witty little kid. Because he has been in many foster homes, he doesn't trust his new family (Walden and Alan) at first but then quickly begins to get along with them. He was supposed to be the half man in Two and a Half Men, but owing to a complete lack of charisma, comic timing, energy and personality, his stint on Two and a Half Men is better forgotten.

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Louis seems to have mixed feelings for Walden, but must like him an extent because he was very excited to find out he was moving in. They got off on the wrong foot, but they became good friends and Walden became a great father.


Despite his flaws that everyone else sees, Louis thinks Alan is the "cool" parent.


Louis and Berta get along well, Berta shared her past experiences of being in the foster care system with Louis, and Louis admits to liking her and she is funny.


Louis's adoptive girl cousin. They've not met yet.


Louis's adoptive grandmother. She appears fond of him, but treats slightly bad as she did her children.



  • Louis has had no on-screen meeting with Robin Schmidt.
  • In Walden's imagination of 15 years later, Louis is attending college on the moon and communicates via a hologram on Walden's birthday.
  • He's the new "half-man" of the show after Jake moved to Japan.