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Marty is the nonagenarian boyfriend and later husband of Evelyn Harper.


Marty is a really old man who is a larger than life young man at heart. He does deeply love Evelyn, but at one point thought he wanted to not get married and wait until he is older. Though he realizes that he is not getting younger and decided to marry her.


Season 7

He appears in the Christmas episode.

Season 8

He appears in the Thanksgiving episode.

Season 11

He allows Jenny to stay at his house. According to Evelyn, he is a TV legend. He created a show, which Jenny used to enjoy. He knows that it was crap, but it made him rich. He was/is a sex maniac. In his lifetime, he married 7 times and also had sex with twins, triplets, mother-daughter duos but never a grandmother-granddaughter duo. He hoped for a threesome with Jenny and Evelyn, but Evelyn shoots down his request. He feels alienated when Evelyn tries to spend more time with Jenny. He asks her to choose between him or Jenny, but Evelyn manages to make it up to him. He later proposes to Evelyn, which she says yes to, at the bachelor party Alan hires strippers causing him to call off the wedding. Walden comes to his house and convinces him to get back together with Evelyn after mock-proposing to Alan (as Marty is under the impression that Alan and Walden are a gay couple). After the wedding he gives a big announcement that he's planned a wedding for Alan and Walden.


  • He apparently banged Lucille Ball in Walden's beach house.