Mildred "Milly" Melnick (born May 18, 2009) is the biological daughter of Judith and either Alan or Herb who was born in season six of the series. Because of Judith's hatred of Alan she refuses to allow him to have anything to do with her. Evelyn doesn't know Milly might be her Granddaughter, nor does Alan want her to know as she will most likely try and stick her nose in and further complicate the matter.

Charlie had told Alan not get involved as it would only cause further hate and discontent between Alan and Judith and ruin Milly's life.

Judith has also hinted that she thinks Alan is the father, although she does not want Herb to find out. She appears with Walden in season 9 in a dream and he says she looks like Alan. In this dream, Herb kills Alan after taking a home DNA test and finding out that the father was Alan.

In Season 10, Herb reveals that he and Judith are no longer together after she caught him cheating on her with his receptionist. She took their daughter Milly with her, while Herb remains in their house.


  • In the season 6 episode, "I Think You Offended Don", when Alan had a dream/nightmare about Jake being an ugly 14 year-old girl, Judith revealed that "Marlene Melnick" is their daughter 14 years into the future. It's unknown if "Marlene" is a nickname or was one of the first choices for a baby name.
  • The child has been noted to have large ears on several occasions, though both possible fathers share this feature.
  • Charlie Harper thought she was going to be named Juanita, but Alan was against that name since Judith "won't even eat Mexican food".
  • Alan, Judith, Charlie, Lyndsey and secretly Jake are the only people to know that Alan may be Milly's father.


  • "Hey, is it just me or does Judith and Herb's kid look alot like Alan?" - Walden when he holds her for the first time in Frodo's headshots
  • "She's got my jawline, my eyes, my ears..." - Alan to Charlie on her features in Mmm, fish. Yum.
  • "With those big ears, she looks a little like a fruit bat." - Grandmother Lenore on her ears in Mmm, fish. Yum.
  • "She doesn't look like Herb, she doesn't look like you either, for that matter." - Alan Harper mocking Judith.
  • "Besides, the baby doesn't look anything like me. In fact, she doesn't look like my mom or my stepdad either. - Jake's first take on his little sister in 818-jklpuzo
  • "She looks kind of like a girl version of my dad." - Jake showing a picture of Milly to Berta in 818-jklpuzo
  • "What baby? Oh, right. Woof." Grandmother Lenore mocking her granddaughter's appearance.


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