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Myra Melnick (played by Judy Greer) is Herb's little sister and comes to attend his wedding to Judith.


She is first introduced in Smooth as a Ken Doll, where she is shown to hate Judith and constantly tries to ruin her relationship with her brother. She has a mutual attraction to Charlie who she bonds with over a dislike of Judith. Charlie is intrigued by her and they have sex.

In Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot, Alan voices his dislike of this because of the past. Charlie wanted to pursue a relationship with Myra, since they liked each other but she reveals she has a fiancée, meaning she was engaged and using Charlie as one last fling before her marriage. She is scared and guilty, when Charlie gets upset by this news.

physical appearance

Myra is a gorgeous, middle aged woman with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, has a nice body, pale skin, and wears revealing clothing


  • In Season 9, Myra's actor, Judy Greer returns in the role of Bridget Schmidt, Walden Schmidt's ex-wife.
  • She probably may know that Charlie died since she is Herb's young sister and they have contacts