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Paula is a transgender women whom Alan dated in Season 11. She told Alan that she was a man named Paul for

40 years.

Numero Uno Accidente LawyerEdit

Jenny takes Alan to a gay club where he meets Paula. The two hit it off, and Paula tells him that she was a man named Paul. Alan still dates her despite this.

On Vodka, on Soda, on Blender, on Mixer!Edit

Paula introduces Alan to her ex-wife Rachel. After Paula tells Alan he can date anyone in the world, Alan takes Rachel to a club where Paula finds them. Paula and Rachel kiss and get back together.


  • Paula is the first transgender character to appear in more than 1 episode.
  • Paula is the second transgender character to date one of the Harpers, the first being Bill who dated Charlie as a woman and Evelyn as a man.


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