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Paula is a transgender woman whom Alan dated in Season 11. She told Alan that she presented as a man named Paul for 40 years.


Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer

Jenny takes Alan to a gay club where he meets Paula. The two hit it off, before spending the night together. After the encounter, Paula nervously tells him that she was a man named Paul. Although he was shocked, Alan continued to support her and still dates her looking past her history.

On Vodka, on Soda, on Blender, on Mixer!

Paula introduces Alan to her ex-wife Rachel who she left after coming out and her transition. After Paula tells Alan he can date anyone in the world, Alan takes Rachel to a club where Paula finds them. It became clear that Rachel still had feelings for Paula, pursuing Alan to get a jealous rise out of her. Paula then realized she still loved Rachel, before she and Rachel kiss and get back together. Alan was not bitter about the break-up, as he took a picture of them kissing and to take for his own pleasure.


  • Paula is the first transgender character to appear in more than 1 episode.
  • Paula is the second transgender character to date one of the Harpers, the first being Bill who dated Charlie as a woman and Evelyn as a man.
  • When Paula came out, Rachel was upset and nearly castrated her to do the surgery for her.
  • She is in her early forties, being a couple of years younger than Alan.