It's all my fault really

Robin Schmidt is Walden's mother. She is played by Mimi Rogers.

Season 9Edit

One False Move, Zimbabwe!Edit

She comes to spend Christmas with her son and Alan at his new beach house and tells him a gorilla that Walden thought was imaginary was actually real. Walden becomes traumatized with his childhood memories and Robin arranges to have Walden meet with his long lost brother.

Slowly and In A Circular FashionEdit

She turns against Walden for his own good by taking control of his company from him with the help of Bridget. When Walden fights back successfully with Alan she and Bridget try to woo Alan by buying him a $150,000 red Porsche and a happy ending in the men's room (sex). Alan disappoints the women and stays loyal to Walden which prompts her and Bridget to assault Alan.

Season 10Edit

I Changed My Mind About the MilkEdit

She said it was her fault really she didn't abandon him, because she has a career. Walden even hallucinates Robin while having sex 

A Big Bag of DogEdit

After he broke up with Zoey, Walden took his anger out on his mother Robin, Alan and Billy Stanhope

Season 11Edit

Justice in Star-Spangled Hot PantsEdit

She and Walden attend a charity for monkeys and he meets Lynda Carter there. She disapproves of Alan's attempts to woo Lynda. She and Lynda enjoy a threesome with Jenny and sneak out without Walden and Alan ever knowing.

Season 12Edit

A Chic Bar in IbizaEdit

Alan and Walden invite Robin, Evelyn, Jenny and Berta to break the news of their marriage, and like the others, Robin didn't highly approve of their engagement as Walden was marrying Alan so he could adopt a child.

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