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Season 5 of Two and a Half Men began airing on September 24, 2007 and ended on May 19, 2008 with 19 episodes.

In the United Kingdom, the fourth season originally aired on BBC Two on Sunday evenings from November 1, 2008 until March 8, 2009. This is the last season to aired before finally leaving the BBC.

It was released on DVD on May 12, 2009.






Image Title Air Date # Summary Title quotation from
Jake season 5.jpg Large Birds, Spiders and Mom September 24, 2007 5.01 Jake is getting ready to start a new school as he advances to junior high, but his dad and uncle's scary stories might end his academic career a bit early. Alan
S05e02.jpg Media Room Slash Dungeon October 1, 2007 5.02 Charlie acts strangely after spending an evening with his mother, and a woman Alan slept with behaves oddly the next morning. Evelyn
S05E03.jpg Dum Diddy Dum Diddy Doo October 8, 2007 5.03 Having grown tired of young vacuous women, Charlie lets Alan arrange a date for him with a woman (Ming-Na Wen) his own age. Charlie
S5E4.jpg City of Great Racks October 15, 2007 5.04 Charlie is getting serious with Linda. But lately he seems to be seeing his ex-stalker, Rose. Has she returned from England, or is it his imagination? Jake
Putting Swim Fins on a Cat.jpg Putting Swim Fins on a Cat October 22, 2007 5.05 Charlie has to come up with ways to keep his girlfriend's four-year-old son amused. Meanwhile, Alan becomes a test subject. Alan
S05E06.jpg Help Daddy Find His Toenail October 29, 2007 5.06 A medication mix-up causes Charlie to humiliate Linda at an important dinner, and Jake disobeys his dad's orders and sneaks out to attend a rock concert. Alan
S05E07.jpg The Leather Gear Is in the Guest Room November 5, 2007 5.07 After Alan and Charlie have a fight about Alan's role in the house, Alan packs Jake up and moves in with his mother. Evelyn
S5E8.jpg Is There a Mrs. Waffles? November 12, 2007 5.08 Charlie writes children's songs and finds success as Charlie Waffles. The kids and their parents love him, even signing CDs of his jingles. One of Charlie's single-mom fans
Tightsgood.jpg Shoes, Hats, Pickle Jar Lids November 19, 2007 5.09 Charlie ignores his future step-father's advice and gets involved with his daughter, and he learns the hard way that he should have heeded the warning. Courtney
S05E10.jpg Kinda Like Necrophilia November 26, 2007 5.10 Alan finds out that Charlie stole his girlfriend in high school, so he sets out to even the score. Charlie
S05E11.jpg Meander to Your Dander March 17, 2008 5.11 Alan's latest relationship has grown stale, so he turns to Charlie for advice about how to break up with her. Alan
S05E12.jpg A Little Clammy and None Too Fresh March 24, 2008 5.12 Rose returns from England and plays nurse for an ill Charlie. Alan feels Jake pulling away from him. Charlie
S05E13.jpg The Soil is Moist March 31, 2008 5.13 Alan dates a friend of Judith's, and the woman gossips about Judith's sex life. Herb
S5E14.jpg Winky-Dink Time April 14, 2008 5.14 Charlie sets up Alan with a prostitute, and accompanies Jake on a double date. Alan
S5E15.jpg Rough Night in Hump Junction April 21, 2008 5.15 Alan feels Charlie is unable to control his womanizing ways. Berta
S5E16.jpg Look at Me, Mommy, I'm Pretty April 28, 2008 5.16 Charlie figures out how to get more acquainted with his future step-sister, Courtney. Evelyn
S5E17.jpeg Fish in a Drawer May 5, 2008 5.17 Parody of "CSI" in which Teddy's death body is found in Charlie's bed, and detectives try to figure out who is the killer. Evelyn
If My Hole Could Talk.jpg If My Hole Could Talk May 12, 2008 5.18 Charlie's attracted to an older self-help author. Meanwhile, Alan tries his son to read a book but Jake loses continuously. Charlie
S5E19.jpg Waiting for the Right Snapper May 19, 2008 5.19 When Charlie meets the fiancée of Angie's grown-up son, he realizes it's not for the first time. Alan tries to get Jake to study for his algebra final. Charlie