Season 7 is the seventh season of Two and a Half Men. The seventh season of the series began airing on September 21, 2009 in the United States on CBS and ended in May 24, 2010. It was released on DVD on September 21, 2010.


The season was originally intended to have 22 episodes, but in November 2009 it was announced that the season was being extended to 24 episodes. Sheen entered rehab on February 23, 2010, as a result, taping of the show was suspended. Sheen and the cast returned to the set to resume taping on March 16, 2010. However, as a result of the 3 week halt, the number of episodes was reduced back to 22.






Image Title  Air Date # Summary Title quotation from
S7E1 818-jklpuzo September 21, 2009 7.01 When Mia returns, Charlie must make a decision whether to return to her or stay with Chelsea. Alan
296840 Whipped Unto The Third Generation September 28, 2009 7.02 When Charlie's fiancée, Chelsea, convinces him to let Melissa, Alan's girlfriend, move in, the girls take over the house. Charlie
S7E3 Mmm, fish. Yum. October 5, 2009 7.03 Alan plays nursemaid to Judith's baby and her tipsy mother Lenore while Judith and Herb try take a "romantic" getaway. Alan
1064857088 Laxative Tester, Horse Inseminator October 12, 2009 7.04 Sick of not having a place of his own to have sex with Melissa, Alan takes a job working for Evelyn. Charlie
7.5 For The Sake of The Child October 19, 2009 7.05 When Charlie and Alan embarrass Jake in public, Jake decides he wants nothing to do with them. Alan
Give Me Your Thumb Give Me Your Thumb November 2, 2009 7.06 Charlie gets objective when Alan suggests breast reduction surgery. Evelyn
S7E7 Untainted by Filth November 9, 2009 7.07 Evelyn agrees to take care of Charlie and Chelsea's wedding. Charlie
S7E8 Gorp. Fnark. Schmegle. November 16, 2009 7.08 Chelsea invites her beautiful college roommate, Gail to stay at the house while she gets over a bad breakup with her boyfriend. Alan
S7E9 Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair November 23, 2009 7.09 Charlie is upset when he finds out he hasn't been sexually satisfying Chelsea. Charlie
S7E10 That's Why They Call It "Ball Room" December 7, 2009 7.10 Charlie finds out Chelsea has been keeping secrets about her finances. Charlie
S7E11 Warning, It's Dirty December 14, 2009 7.11 With Celeste, Jake's girlfriend, away for Christmas, Charlie teaches Jake how to cheat on her. Marty
7.12 Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste January 11, 2010 7.12 Charlie finds out Jake is writing a song to get Celeste back. Meanwhile, Alan and Herb become friends. Jake
S07E13 Yay, No Polyps! Jannuary 18, 2010 7.13 In order to avoid meeting Chelsea's parents, Charlie has a colonoscopy, only to find her parents in his house. Alan
S07E14 Crude and Uncalled For February 1, 2010 7.14 Alan gets into a bar fight and lands in jail, while Charlie fears that Chelsea likes Alan's lawyer. Evelyn
S07E15 Aye, Aye, Captain Douche February 8, 2010 7.15 When Charlie's jealousy threatens his relationship with Chelsea, he turns to Alan for help in becoming a better person. Jake
S7E16 Tinkle Like a Princess March 1, 2010 7.16 After Chelsea breaks up with him, a depressed Charlie takes a trip to Las Vegas and returns home with a new wife. Charlie
S07E17 I Found Your Moustache March 8, 2010 7.17 After seeing Chelsea and Brad at the movies together, Charlie decides to stalk Chelsea. Chelsea
S07E18 Ixnay On The Oggie Day March 22, 2010 7.18 Charlie hooks up with Chelsea's best friends, which could cause problems when Chelsea wants to get back together. Charlie
7.19 Keith Moon Is Vomiting In His Grave April 12, 2010 7.19 Jake goes drinking with his new friend, Eldridge. Meanwhile, Alan gets a date with Eldridge's mom. Charlie
7.20 I Called Him Magoo May 10, 2010 7.20 Alan takes Lyndsey to a hotel, but Lyndsey reveals she is on her period. Berta
7.21 Gumby with a Pokey May 17, 2010 7.21 When Charlie smokes pot, he starts seeing some of his ex-girlfriends. Russell
7.22 This Is Not Gonna End Well May 24, 2010 7.22 Alan goes to Chelsea's birthday party, and Charlie tries to get a gift to her with Jake's help. Charlie
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