The following is a portal linking to the userpages of the reigning Administrators of the Two and a Half Men Wiki. Below them is a template featuring all of the users that have held administrative powers on the wiki, both current and retired.

To become an admin, please leave a message on one of the current admin's wall, or on the talk page of here. There are some requirements to become an admin/bureaucrat.

Admin requirements

  • The user must have 50 edits on articles.
  • The user must be active at least 4 days a week.
  • You cannot have been blocked ever. (Possible exception if an age issue, depends how you handle it.)
  • It is preferred if you have admin experience on other wikis.

Bureaucrat requirements

  • All admin requirements plus:
  • The user must be an admin for at least a month.
  • It is preferred if you have bureaucrat experience.


Active Bureaucrat
Active Admin
Inactive Admin
Inactive Bureaucrat

Name Date Admined Information
Brodie408 June 17, 2008
Danierox July 8, 2008
RaghavD August 23, 2013
Derpster01 August 30, 2013
Bree Weston Lover September 16, 2013
Emma Cassidy Lover September 16, 2013 February 1, 2014
DeviousPeep December 6, 2014
Belle Peep February 6, 2015
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